STTS headsetHow Does It Work?

STTS has a partnership with InfraWare and utilizes the InfraWare transcription and dictation platform for most dictations and transcription. Depending upon our client’s needs, STTS also provides transcription support directly into our clients’ electronic medical records.

Our customers have a variety of ways to complete their dictation and get their voice files to the InfraWare platform for transcription. Clients may use secure digital hand-held recorders or PC microphones, call directly into the InfraWare platform utilizing a local phone number, or digital audio import from standards-based third party systems.

Our transcriptionists will then access the dictation in the InfraWare platform via InfraWare Transcription Client software via his or her non-shareable email address and password and convert it to a written text document, formatted according to established criteria for each client. Transcriptionists correct spelling of all terms, words, and grammar and occasionally correct terminology or dictation errors. Transcribed documents are also double-checked for accuracy by quality assurance editors. Once the files have been transcribed, we can either import the files into your company’s electronic record directly, or our customers and their authorized staff can securely access audio files and review, edit, print, and download completed documents into Word, PDF, or RTF formatting through the InfraWare EHR Web Portal.